2020-21 Mini-Courses | Open Enrollment

2020-21 Mini-Courses | Open Enrollment

Kincaid IT Course Open Enrollment Form for any number of the Mini-Courses (short, quick and 1-credit each):

✦ Chromebook Academy and Digital Clean Up
✦ Managing a Virtual Class Meeting
✦ Setting up Efficient Communication in Google
✦ Understanding Collaboration Using Google Docs, Slides and Draw
✦ Understanding Google Classroom

One more option for districts with G Suite Enterprise (GSEfE), the premium version of G Suite with originality reports in Google Classroom, breakout rooms in Google Meet, and more.

✦ GSEfE for Teachers

✦ Each Mini-Course - $40
✦ One-time pricing for bundling 5 Mini-Courses at enrollment - $160 (bundling offer ends February 1, 2021)

*To complete your open enrollment and take advantage of the bundle pricing, payment is required on the next page. You will be enrolled in the Course(s) when all information and payment is received.

Once enrolled, teachers can start at their leisure and continue to work on their schedule to complete course(s) by April 30, 2021.

Professional Development Continuing Education Credits are available through the University of Central Missouri (UCM). The enrollment form and payment for this unique partnership will be explained and given after the course begins. UCM bills you directly and separately ($52 per credit).

Group Rates Available | (913) 228-3091